Micro Star


Micro Star filter is an innovative synthesis of depth and pleated technologies. This product combines the high flow capacity and low pressure loss of pleated filters with the gel retention capability and long life of a depth filter. Micro Star is thermally bonded from 100% virgin polypropylene to ensure clean filtrates and excellent chemical and thermal compatibility in the most stringent of processing conditions.

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  • Optimized media structure improved dispersion
  • Thick media structure make excellent gel retention possible
  • No extractable, ensure superior downstream
  • Superior retention of colloids and particles ensure low particle counts to protect your process
  • Fits most available housings

Operating Conditions

Maximum operating forward pressure drop:

  • 2.81kg/cm² (7 psi) at 95°C(203°F)
  • 5.62kg/cm² (15 psi) at 30°C(86°F)

Maximum operating temperature:

Biological Safety:
Autoclaved for 10cycles of 30 minutes at 126°C(259°F)

Applications of Product

  • Photoresist residue removers
  • TN/STN: wet etching, stripping, developer, cleaning
  • Color Filter: wet etching, stripping, developer, cleaning
  • Beverage/Wine clarification
  • Solvent clarification
  • Ink clarification


Micron Rating:
0.45, 1,3, 5, 10, 20,30,40μm

Materials of Construction:

  • Filter Medium: Polypropylene
  • Core, cage and endcaps: Polypropylene
  • Support and drainage: Polypropylene
  • Outer Diameter: 69mm(2.7inches)
  • Inner Dimension: 28mm(1.1inches)
  • Length: 10inches, 20inches, 30inches, 40inches


Flow Rate VS Pressure Drop

Code Principle