Bypass Control Valve



Manufactured with a fiber reinforces polymer, our FLOTROL bypass offers a wide range of features for customers to select the best option for their needs



  • Easy to install and pipe
  • Turning knobs on the side
  • ¾” or 1” straight and elbow quick connectors
  • Bypass with water meter
  • Bypass with mixing valve


  • Connected directly on piping for lower cost
  • Ease of turning
  • Save on elbows and separate piping if needed
  • Meter with wide flow range
  • Mixing regulating valve to soften close to 80% of incoming water or more for a close to 20% salt savings

Chart with Spesification

MaterialFiber reinforce Polymer
In / Out Thread3/4" or 1" MNPT - MBSP
Water meter range0.30 - 40 gpm / 1.13 - 151.4 LPM
Accuracy+/- 5%
K Factor76.4 pulses / gallon or 20.2 pulses / liter
Bypass Cv6.635 with meter - 6.712 without meter
Temperature34 - 109 F (1 - 43 C)
Pressure20 - 120 psig

Working Position

Bypass Assembly

Part Number
Product Description
3/4" 1"
100-00242-00100-00118-00Bypass with straight MNPT connectors
100-00243-00100-00119-00Bypass with straight MNPT connectors and meters
100-00262-00100-00238-00Bypass with check valve and straight MNPT connectors
100-00246-00100-00122-00Bypass with elbow MNPT connectors
100-00247-00100-00123-00Bypass with elbow MNPT connectors and meters
100-00263-00100-00239-00Bypass with check valve and elbow MNPT connectors
100-00245-00100-00121-00Bypass with mixing valve and straight MNPT connectors
100-00244-00100-00120-00Bypass with mixing valve, straight MNPT connectors and meter
100-00249-00100-00125-00Bypass with mixing valve and elbow MNPT connectors
100-00248-00100-00124-00Bypass with mixing valve, elbow MNPT connectors and meter
100-00250-00100-00186-00Bypass with straight MBSP connectors
100-00251-00100-00187-00Bypass with straight MBSP connectors and meters
100-00264-00100-00240-00Bypass with check valve and straight MBSP connectors
100-00254-00100-00190-00Bypass with elbow MBSP connectors
100-00255-00100-00191-00Bypass with elbow MBSP connectors and meters
100-00265-00100-00241-00Bypass with check valve and elbow MBSP connectors
100-00253-00100-00189-00Bypass with mixing valve and straight MBSP connectors
100-00252-00100-00188-00Bypass with mixing valve, straight MBSP connectors and meter
100-00257-00100-00193-00Bypass with mixing valve and elbow MBSP connectors
100-00256-00100-00192-00Bypass with mixing valve, elbow MBSP connectors and meter