Extra Clean


Extra Clean series Melt-Blown polypropylene microfiber pleated filter cartridges are designed for high flow rate application .These filters can handle flow rate up to 200 LPM due to the large surface
area of the filter.
Extra Clean Standard series are multi-layers structure which is functioned with fine fibers in inner layer and coarse fibers in outer layers, thereby long service time and high efficiency. Ultra Clean Plus series made of calendered Melt-Blown polypropylene microfiber, provide absolute grade filter efficiency.

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  • Absolute ratings from 0.2 to 100μm
  • High flow rate : these filter can handle flow rates
    up to 200 lpm
  • Continuously gradient pore structure increase
    capacity of dust
  • 100% PP for compatibility for a wide range of
    process fluid
  • Formed by thermal bond without use any binder
    and adhesive
  • High strength and pressure resistance

Operating Conditions

Maximum operation pressure drop:

  • 3.4 kg/cm²(50psid) at 80°C(176°F)
  • 6.9 kg/cm²(100 psid) at 20°C(68°F)

Maximum operation temperature: 80°C(176°F)

Applications of Product

  • TFT-LCD: Wet etching pre-cleaning systems
  • TN/STN: Wet etching pre-cleaning systems
  • Color Filter : Wet etching pre- cleaning systems
  • For high flow rate pre- and clarifying filtration of various chemical


Micron Rating (Absolute Rating 99.9%):

Extra Clean Standard :
1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 μm

Extra Clean Plus : 0.2(multi pass test), 0.45, 1 um

Material of Construction:
100% Polypropylene Melt-Blown Micro-Denier fiber
Length:10inches, 20inches
Outer Diameter: 130mm(5.1inches)
Inner Diameter: 51mm(2inches)


Flow Rate VS Pressure Drop

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