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Liquatec develops the Melt-Blown technology to meet the market requirements for a pure polypropylene depth filter with exceptional dirtyholding capability and performance. The structure of surface is an exceptional value for industry application where long life, low pressure drop and high efficiency required.

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  • Strengthening inner core make for good pressure
  • High flow rate : these filter can handle flow rates
    up to 200 lpm
  • The highly asymmetric structure makes long
    service life
  • No extractable, ensure superior downstream

Operating Conditions

Maximum operating forward pressure drop:

  • 0.85 MPa @20°C/120 psid @ 68°F
  • 0.34 MPa @80°C/50 psid@ 176°F

Maximum operating temperature:

Applications of Product

  • TFT-LCD: Pure water cleaning systems
  • TN/STN: Pure water cleaning systems
  • Color Filter : Pure water cleaning systems
  • Filter of plating fluid pr-developers


Micron Rating:
0.1, 0.2μm, 0.45μm, 1.2μm

Material of Construction:
Medium : Highly Asymmetric Polyethersulfone
Core, cage and endcaps : Polypropylene
Support and drainage: Polypropylene
Length: 10inches, 20inches
Outer Diameter: 130mm
Inner Diameter: 51mm


Flow Rate VS Pressure Drop


Code Principle