Genesys 9076 is a sclae and sludge inhibitor, designed primarily for steam boilers. it is used to prevent the build-up of hardness deposits and/or iron and other metallic oxides, originating from corrosion of condensate systems.

Genesys 9076 is based on a synergetic blend of dispersant and scale inhibitor.


Genesys 9076 is normally maintained at concentrations between 100 and 500 mg/l in the boiler water. The correct treatment level for deposit prevention depend on operating conditions such as pH and the number of concentrations.

The viscosity of Genesys 9076 allows it to be handled by conventional dosing pumps, without dilution, but it may be diluted if desired.

Genesys 9076 is not corrosive to mild steel mixing tanks or dosage pumps in concentrated or in diluted form and may be pumped directly from the container using equipment in steel or plastics.

Health and Safety

Genesys 9076 is not considered to be hazardous, but as with all industrial chemicals care should be exercised during its use.

Spill may be flushed to drain with copious amount of water. Local regulations should be observed and the relevant authorities should be consulted before disposing of large spills.


Available in 30/50 kg HDPE carboys, 210 kg HDPE barrels.

Typical properties

  • Appearance: Clear colourless to pale yellow liquid
  • pH as supplied: 9 – 11
  • Specific gravity: >1.05 – 1.10
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