DOW FILMTEC™ residential elements are one of the most effective, consistent and high-quality elements in the industry. DOW AQUALAST™ 1812 elements offer excellent anti-scaling performance allowing for high recovery operation without the need for custom pressure vessels or expensive encapsulated products. In high TDS applications, the DOW AQUALAST™ 1812 can outperform and have a longer life than conventional elements.

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Used In

  • With-tank operation
  • Under the sink water treatment
  • Point-of-use reverse osmosis water treatment systems
  • Production of home drinking water High-recovery or long service life application


  • High recovery that can lower the water bills for consumers
  • Long life in high TDS/scaling applications
  • NSF safety certification
  • Dry element for convenient handling and long shelf-life
  • High quality elements significantly reduce or can eliminate element Quality Control (QC) costs