Genesys 9221 is a liquid treatment based on blend of tannins for use is steam raising and hot water boilers. Genesys 9221 is provides both corrosion protection and scale inhibition by scavenging oxygen, forming a protective film and disrupting crystal growth.


Genesys 9221 is normally diluted and injected by means of a dossage pot or a dossage pump, as appropriate to that particular plants.

Genesys 9221 is normally dosed so as to maintain the boiler water at a tannin index (DM Value) of 12 to 16. The correct treatment level depends on conditions such as operating pressure and the chemical composition of the feed water. The optimum treatment level will be specified by WEX.

Genesys 9221 should be diluted ten times using clean water. Genesys 9221 is not corrosive in concentrated or diluted form to steel mixing tanks or dossage pumps.

Health and Safety

Genesys 9221 is a non-hazardous, but, as with all industrial chemicals care should be exercised in its handling and use.

Spill Procedures

Flush to drain with copious amount of water, observing local regulations for effluent. The relevant authorities should be consul before disposing of very large spills.


Available in 25 kg carboys, 210 kg drums.

Typical properties
  • Appearance: Clear brown color liquid
  • pH as supplied: >11
  • Specific gravity: 1.0 – 1.2
  • Freezing point: - 4ºC
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