About Us

Hantech was established in 1983 in Taiwan and has over 30 years of experience in water treatment industry. It is a Master distributor for DUPONT Filmtec RO Membrane, Amberlite Ion Exchange Resin, DUPONT UF Membrane, Xylem pump, UK Genesys chemical, Procon pump, and many other well-known US and International manufacturers.

Headquartered office in Taiwan and a 360,000 sq ft factory in Shanghai China, more than 10 branches (Beijing, Sian, and Guangzhou etc) and offices in the country.

Hantech manufactures many high quality water treatment components. Our diverse product line includes Multiple Control Valve, EDI modules, Industry Pleated Cartridges. Outsource the best quality components such as FRP Tank, Stainless Steel Multi-Cartridge Housing, SS and FRP Membrane Vessels, Dosing pump, UV System, Bypass Valve, Flow Meter, etc. Also we design the systems for RO and special application such as Ultra-Pure Water and waste water systems. With increasing global needs for reliable sources, our research and development division has focused on developing innovative components and systems. Our strict quality control standards ensure that each component and system we develop is designed and engineered with precision and accuracy.

Act as a component and system supplier, Hantech has built good business relations with thousands of water-treatment companies, and our products had been sold throughout China, S.E Asia, M.Eastern, US, Europe and other regions.

And it is also a specialist in designing and producing bottled water plants, which supported by its professional engineering team. Hantech provides a wide range of products for water plants and has been successfully in building several water plants worldwide, including the ones in Bangladesh, India and Taiwan.

Until year of 2017, Hantech has already developed branch offices in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia to provide the best customer service and meanwhile introduce ourselves to the South East Asia water treatment industry.

Today, Hantech is recognized for our superior components, stringent quality control standards and excellent customer service all over the world. Our business motto is to build working partnerships with customers and to help them be more successful.

And here we are going to keep striving to provide you the highest quality components combined with the quality customer service that you deserve.