Genesol 701


Genesol 701 has been developed as an inorganic scale cleaner and iron solvent for Reverse Osmosis and Nano-filtration membrane systems.

Genesol 701 is highly effective at removing inorganic foulants, such as iron and calcium carbonate and also has proven efficacy against removing membrane biofilms.


Genesol 701 should be used as a 1-2% solution, alternately soaked and recycled through the membrane system for 1-2 hours. When using Genesol 701, the cleaning solution pH will stabilize at pH 2.5 - 3.5. If the pH increases above this value during the cleaning process, the solution should be discarded and replaced. It is recommended that the membranes be cleaned at least 5°C above ambient temperature.
The membrane manufacturer’s guidelines should be followed with respect to pH and temperature.

Before returning the plant to service, the membrane system should be thoroughly flushed, until the pH values of the feed and the discharge are the same. Following cleaning, the product water conductivity may initially be high but should revert to normal after a few hours operation.

Genesol 701 is readily dissolved in water: cleaning solutions should be used immediately after preparation. Cleaning solutions of Genesol 701 will have a tendency to foam. Genesol 701 contains bubble generating technology to gently agitate and lift membrane foulants away from the surface increasing cleaning efficiency.

Health and Safety

Genesol 701 is a mixed blend of acid chelants and is classified as non-toxic. Low pH solutions are corrosive to carbon steel and concrete so all chemical tanks, pumps and pipe-work should be made from acidresistant materials. Observe all safety precautions shown in the material safety data sheet, available on request.


Available in 10 kg kegs, 25 kg pails and 1,000 kg bulk bags. Shelf life of Genesol 701 is 1 year under normal storage conditions. Ensure the packaging remains sealed and the Genesol 701 remains dry. Discolouration and caking of the product can occur after six months but product’s efficacy is not affected.

Typical properties
  • Appearance: white powder
  • pH of a 1% solution: ~2.5
  • Bulk density: 1.04g/cm2
  • Freezing point: not applicable